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Program Outline (Demo Mode)

Unit 1
Unit 2
Unit 3
Unit 4
Unit 5
Unit 6
Unit 7
Unit 8
Unit 9
9.1  Sharing the road with pedestrians
9.2  Sharing the road with school busses
9.3  Sharing the road with bicyclists
9.4  Sharing the road with animals
9.5  Sharing the road with large trucks
9.6  Sharing the road with slow moving vehicles
9.7  Sharing the road, work zones
9.8  Sharing the road with emergency vehicles
9.9  Sharing the road with motorcycles
9.10  Sharing the road with trains
9.11  Sharing the road with lighttrolleys and light
9.12  Sharing the road through carpooling
9.13  Sharing the road when lane usage changes
9.14  Unit 9 Test
Unit 10
Final Test

Charts and Tables

Figure 4.1 General regulatory signs
Figure 4.2 Parking regulatory signs
Figure 4.3 Warning sign
Figure 4.4 School signs
Figure 4.5 Construction signs
Figure 4.6 Recreation signs
Figure 4.7 Guide signs
Figure 5.1 Instruction permit and driver license requirements and restrictions chart
Figure 5.2 Type of license needed chart
Figure 6.1 Driver controls
Figure 6.2 Indicator Lights, chimes & gauges
Figure 6.3 Correct and incorrect seatbelt use
Figure 6.4 Recommended Restraints by Age and Weight
Figure 9.1 Bicycle and pedestrian signs
Figure 10.1 Blood Alcohol Content chart