Drivers Ed


Drivers Ed Online:

Our online course is DMV approved. You can take this course anytime and anywhere at your convenience. You will be qualified for the DMV Test and Behind the Wheel Training after you have completed the course.
The course is divided into (10) units. There is a quiz at the end of each unit. When you have completed all the units, there will be a (30) question final exam. Upon completion, please call our office to let us know if you would like your Certificate of Completion mailed to you or if you would like to pick up your Certificate of Completion at our office.


Drivers Ed In-Class:

Our in-class Drivers Education course has a 99% pass rate first time! It consists of (4) days. Your student would have to be present all (4) days from 8am to 3pm in order to obtain the Certificate of Completion. Classes are held all year long, please call our office to learn more and to check available days.


Instant Student Licensing Program:

Now you don't have to wait to get behind the wheel!
Once you're old enough to drive, you can't wait to take the wheel—and the Instant Student License Program (ISLP) is your express lane to the driver's seat!
ISLP is an integrated online driver education/driver training program that combines driver training ("behind-the-wheel") with online driver education to get student drivers into a vehicle as quickly as possible. (The "old way" makes students complete all of their required driver education and go to the DMV to get their permit before they can drive.)
Simply register for ISLP (which is located on our pricing and registration page) online and get started right away. After you've completed the first segment of the driver education course, you can contact the driving school and start driving!




Sample Tests:
Under Basic Class C:
Permit Sample Tests


Permit Requirements:

  • If you are under 18, please click on this DMV link for the requirements:UNDER 18
  • If you are over 18, please click on this DMV link for the requirements:OVER 18



  • The permit is not valid until you start Behind the Wheel training or reach 17 1/2 years of age.
  • You must have 50 hours of Driver's Training with anybody 25 years or older with a valid California Driver's License.
  • You cannot drive alone.